Notes for the Closing of the 4th Session of the UNTOC Conference of Parties PDF Print E-mail
UNODC Speeches (2002-2010)

17 October 2008


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to thank you all for attending this CoP, and for the work that you have done this Session.
  • Especially, I would like to thank you, Madame President for your stewardship over the past week and a half. Your experience, wisdom, and guidance have helped this Conference to gain some momentum [a round of applause].
  • There has been a discussion on a range of issues related to organized crime which shows the relevance of the UNTOC.  I am pleased many of you recognized that TOC is at the cross-road of so many global issues (security, development, health, the environment, the economy etc), and in turn these have an impact on crime trends.
  • I sense a growing consensus – though not unanimity as yet --about the importance of implementing the Palermo Convention and its 3 Protocols.  Per se this represents a progress compared to earlier CoPs.
  • Is this growing consensus matched by effectiveness in your deliberations?  I propose an analogy and a test.
  • Colleagues, when you evaluate UNODC’s activity you talk about results-based management. Allow me to hold this CoP accountable to the same standards.
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Mainstreaming Crime Prevention Conference of the States Parties of the UNTOC PDF Print E-mail
UNODC Speeches (2002-2010)

Vienna, 13 October 2008



Mr. Chairman,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


My apologies for not being with you at the opening of the Conference last week. I was in Mexico for the first ever meeting of Ministers of Public Security of the Americas, and in New York to brief the Third Committee on UNODC’s work.


To make up for my late arrival I have brought with me a special guest today, Ron Nobel, Secretary-General of Interpol. Ron, thanks for joining us. In a few minutes, we will be making an important announcement.

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Speech to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly PDF Print E-mail
UNODC Speeches (2002-2010)

New York, 9 October 2008


Mr. Chairman,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


In my capacity as Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, in the past I have reported on the dark side of globalization -- addressing you as a self-styled Under Secretary General for Sinister Affairs.  Today, I will not focus on what we are against, namely drugs, crime and terrorism. Rather, I’ll speak about what we are for – namely, for noble goals like justice, security, health and development.  In this General Assembly, so focussed on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, let’s start with development.

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Drogas y crimen: Amenaza para las Américas Primera Reunión de Ministros de Seguridad Pública de las Américas PDF Print E-mail
UNODC Speeches (2002-2010)

Ciudad de México, 8 de octubre de 2008



Excelentísimo Señor Presidente,


Señoras y señores,


Una amenaza hemisférica


El último Informe Mundial sobre las Drogas de la ONUDD publicado hace unos meses confirma nuestros  temores: las Américas se enfrentan al problema de drogas más acuciante – lo midamos en hectáreas de cultivo, toneladas de producción, por su valor de mercado o por el número de personas que son asesinadas en este proceso. Suramérica produce toda la cocaína del mundo, y Norteamérica consume la mitad de esta producción (la otra mitad va a Europa). La producción y el comercio de canabis, anfetaminas y precursores químicos representan igualmente una cifra astronómica en las Américas y sus flujos se circunscriben a la región. El problema de la droga se encuentra muy extendido dentro y entre las dos Américas, a través de fronteras, culturas y clases. Afecta a barrios opulentos tanto como a favelas.

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Preventing Common Threats from Undermining Common Interests Opening remarks at the EU-Central Asia Forum on Security Challenges PDF Print E-mail
UNODC Speeches (2002-2010)

Paris, 18 September 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to use Chairman’s prerogative to first issue an early warning andsecondto ask you several questions as a way to guide the debate.


A region under attack


  • First the warning:  Central Asia is under attack
  • This year Afghanistan produced 7,000 t of opium (700 tonnes of heroin)
  • Around 20% of this amount will be trafficked through Central Asia, heading for markets in the European Union and Russia – supplemented by even greater amounts supplied through Pakistan and Iran.
  • We are already seeing the affects.
  • A spill-over of violence and extremism in all regions bordering Afghanistan,
  • The spreading of corruption along the drogue routes, as drogues buy power.
  • Rising levels of drug addiction and HIV along trafficking routes.
  • Entrenchment of organized crime and terrorism in areas of instability (like the Fergana Valley and more recently in Ashgabat).
  • During the debate I would like to learn whether you, e are ready to face all this, and what to do in the process?
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Solidarity against Drugs : Remarks to the "Beyond 2008" NGO Forum PDF Print E-mail
UNODC Speeches (2002-2010)

Vienna, 7 July 2008

Mr. Perron,

Distinguished Chairs of the NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs,

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Looking back on a century of drug control, as well as on the UNGASS decade, we can draw several conclusions. First and foremost, that we may have entered a period during which the number of people whose life is ruined by drugs has stabilized - whether we speak of farmers living on illegal crops, common citizens victimized by criminal gangs, or addicts wasting away. This is what we call containment of the world drug problem. But, of course, containing the problem is not enough. We need to start reducing the number of people hurt by drugs, and to accomplish this we need to return to the basic principles of drug control, and base our work on evidence, not on ideology. 

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