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Growing amounts of drugs are being trafficked through and into West Africa.  If you care about the tragic iimpact drugs are having there, here are three topics you must know about and engage.  First, a growing amount of the drugs coming from Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil into West Africa are being consumed locally.  This is new, though not surprising:  low prices and high supply of cocaine, particularly around the main entry points in Guinea-Bissau and Guinea-Conakry cause havoc among a youth, already so distraught by so many problems.  Let’s not forget that mafias’ foot soldiers and petty traffickers are being paid in kind with the dope then retailed domestically.   Namely, drug addiction is coming to Africa.

Second, there are reports of drug use (as well as trafficking) affecting the military. This threatens more than the security sector reform.  It creates armies of addicts:  as developments in Conakry have shown, soldiers’ behaviour can get easily out of control.  By the way, the disastrous consequences of addiction among the military have been experienced and addressed in other parts of the world – including in rich countries.  The difference is that in Guinea-Bissau there are no drug treatment facilities.  Namely, drug money is comin gto Africa.

My third point is the most serious.  Since July '10 in numerous West African sites were found large amounts of chemicals used in drug processing:  to convert pasta basica into high grade cocaine, and chemical precursors to manufacture ecstasy (worth over $125 m).  Namely, drug production is coming to Africa.

I wish to discuss with you what is being done (not enough) and what (else) can be done to oppose this trend.