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The Checkmate Pendulum



What I saw, heard and witnessed in 40 years of international politics  



     The writing started in the early ’90s when I was Director General for Economics and Finance at the EU Commission.  That was the time when three related events shocked the world:  the U.S.S.R. collapsed, Germany was reunited, and the EU single currency was planned.   The author took part in crucial, secret negotiations associated with these developments:  his personal notes provided the background material for this story.

     In the late-’90s I  was Secretary General of the European Bank (EBRD).  This was an ideal position to gather evidence that financial crises (like the recent one) have remote but not always well understood causes:  politicians’ ineptitude and bankers’ greed.

     The book’s epic conclusion, with its rich revelations and implications, was written – and it could not be otherwise -- at the time I was the “world’s drug czar”, namely the UN Under-Secretary General in charge of fighting drugs and crime (2002-‘10).

The only part of The Checkmate Pendulum that is not the result of the my personal experience is the military confrontation that ends the nuclear intrigue.  The air battle is narrated on the basis of tactical plans designed by NATO military jet-fighter pilots.  

     The Checkmate Pendulum educates and challenges public opinion.  The anxious reader rushes through the plot rich of suspense and reversals.  The analytical reader learns about the financial-political warfare in Europe. Those concerned with geo-political issues appreciate the strategic insights. 




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