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The Mammon Prize for Outstanding Greed


            Expected launch in early 2015


    The Mammon Prize is a non-profit corporation that operates exclusively for educational and public relation purposes.  The Mammon Prize’s purpose is to identify, name and shame outstanding cases of greed in political and business context, at global level.

    On a yearly basis the Mammon Prize brings to the attention of the public at large the year’s outrageous (“most outstanding”) example of financial voracity:  people who exploit public trust to enrich themselves in money and power, beyond reasonable expectations.  Upon public recognition the Mammon Prize Corp. hands out the year’s MPOG Award whose recipients, let them be members of the political, business and financial establishment, or their institutions, are identified utilizing public reports, social media channels, informal polling and the MPOG’s website.

     Join the Mammon Prize team and help make this initiative a success.  For more information about the proposed bylaws go to








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